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Bailiwick’s Bullied “Carrie” is Bloody Okay

According to Broadway lore, ‘Carrie: The Musical’ lives on as one of the biggest financial disasters in entertainment history. With a preface like that, you have to ask yourself can … Continue reading

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Remy Bumppo’s “Our Class” Sings a Sorrowful Tale

by JJ Accrocco The Holocaust will probably always hold a sort of morbid, yet necessary curiosity for our world.  While the historical rise and fall of the Third Reich is … Continue reading

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How to Find Your Soulmate and Give MTV All Your Data

What would I have to pay you to find out your name? Usually no more than a compliment. How about your age? Not much. It’s probably hinted at by the wrinkles around your … Continue reading

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6 Best Days To Break Up

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, couples everywhere are buying Whitman samplers, making last-minute prix fix reservations, and asking themselves the age-old question, “When is the best day to break up … Continue reading

February 12, 2014 · 1 Comment

24 hours in Milwaukee

Under two hours north of Chicago by Amtrak (or 4 hours if your train is cancelled), Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers an affordable, quiet, distinctly Midwestern getaway. Despite my friend’s recommendation to rent … Continue reading

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A Foreword to an Unwritten Book

Foreword When an author finishes a book, they sometimes pen a foreword. The author takes a moment to step back and reflect on the oeuvre she, he, or it has … Continue reading

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How to Kill Your Dog

The first girl to have a crush on me is married now – to a woman she met in the army. Maybe we knew we were both gay. And we … Continue reading

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