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Family Feud: MLK Edition


Happy MLK Day! If Christmas taught us anything, it’s that there’s no better way to celebrate a national holiday than with an argument.

The children of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are entering a court battle over who owns his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize and personal Bible. You couldn’t have picked greater symbols of peace and tranquility if you were in a freshman fiction writing class.

King’s sons Martin Luther King III and Dexter Scott King, who drew the short straw in the name department, want to sell the medal and Bible to raise money for King’s estate. Their sister, Bernice, named after your grandmother, says that selling them would be sacrilege.

This isn’t the first time the descendants of the “I Have a Dream” speaker have been in court: it’s their fifth lawsuit in 10 years. The only person who should be filing five lawsuits is a transgender Hobby Lobby employee who spilled McDonald’s coffee on her legs while a shrapnel airbag exploded in her face.

Who owns his Nobel Peace prize medal?

First, I didn’t think the Nobel Peace Prize was ownable, like an honorary title or lover’s whisper. But the prize is a literal gold medal awarded to Dr. King in 1964 and hasn’t been seen since. Right now, it’s awaiting a judge’s decision in a lockbox in Atlanta, right next to the Coca-Cola secret recipe and the Dan Brown’s next novel.

Who owns his Bible?

If you’re wondering who owns a Bible, it’s probably the Gideons. This Bible, however, isn’t just some crappy family Bible. This is the Bible of Dr. Martin Luther King, who gave some of us a day off work. This Bible was even used at President Obama’s second inauguration. The Bible used in the first inauguration was grabbed from a Ramada Inn minutes before by a soon-to-be-fired Secret Serviceman.

Dr. King had a dream. For equality, for harmony, for peace for all of God’s children. I guess he should have specified his children.


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